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Welcome to One Streaming Audio

Our goal is to provide you with a solution for providing streaming audio on your website at minimal cost. Imagine the value of having audio clips on your website describing your products or ideas. With the resources and information presented here, you will learn what Streaming Audio is, and ways to add it to your own website.


What is Streaming Audio?

Not long ago if you wanted to play audio or music clips from a website, you had to download the entire file to your computer First then play the file. Well that was time consuming, the files were big, and the whole process was a pain. Streaming Audio is more like listening to a radio station. It's "real time". When you click on the button to play, the audio plays as your computer receives the information. And the files are compressed so they take up a lot less space on your website.

Your message is delivered instantly to the person. Streaming Audio allows you to deliver your message to people without them having to wait! That's a huge advantage and benefit to you and your customers.

Here are just some of the ways it benefits you and your customers:

  • Products Descriptions: Increase sales by better descriptions and a personal touch
  • Testimonials: Increase the confidence of your customer in you and your products.
  • eBay(tm) Auctions: Audio descriptions increase interest and the number of bids. Makes you a 'real' person instead of a user ID hiding behind the auction description.
  • Sermons on the 'Web': Put sermons on your website for people who cannot attend services for whatever reason.
  • How-to audio clips: Help others with information you may have about a hobby or specific problem.
  • Audio clips of your OWN music: Be heard by the world! Put your music out there for others to listen to or buy. Promote yourself FREE!
  • Policy and instructions: Employee policy updates and answers to common questions on your private business server.
  • Clubs and Hobby groups: Record your meetings and post them online for others to hear!
  • Storytelling: Read and record a story for your children or grandchildren to hear. Imagine how happy they would be to listen to you read a story every night.
  • Use your imagination. There are so many uses for this type of product!
  • The possibilities are endless for using Streaming Audio. Look as some of the resources below and see how Streaming Audio can be added to your Web Site, and the advantages of having it.

    Streaming Audio Resources and Information

    What is Streaming Audio? - live-radio.net
    Q. So what is Streaming audio? A. It's a method of delivering an audio signal to your computer over the Internet, and differs from the "normal" method of receiving ...

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    The Best Free Streaming Audio Software app downloads for Windows: Virtual Audio Cable RadioSure Streaming Audio Recorder AV Voice Changer Software Fre

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    SHOUTcast is a complete suite of products to power internet radio stations into the future. ... The Leader in Streaming Audio 0 radio stations using our technology ...

    3 Ways to Stream Live Audio - wikiHow
    How to Stream Live Audio. [https://www.awdio.com/ Awdio] and Mixlr are software that allow you to stream audio live to the internet. Awdio uses the Adobe Flash plugin ...

    Streaming media - Wikipedia
    Streaming media is multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider. The verb "to stream" refers to the ...

    Best Streaming Audio 2015 | The Webby Awards
    Mobile sites and apps offering superior audio streaming services for content such as music, podcasts, news, and radio.

    BroadWave Streaming Audio Software for Radio and Podcasts
    Setup a streaming server to broadcast audio recordings, live audio streams, internet radio and podcasts online with BroadWave Free Audio Streaming Software.

    Download & Streaming : Audio Archive : Internet Archive
    Download or listen to free music and audio This library contains recordings ranging from alternative news programming, to Grateful Dead concerts, to Old Time Radio ...

    Home | AudioStream
    AudioStream covers everything high-end and audiophile digital audio. DACs and music servers, streaming and file formats, and how-to guides.

    Streaming Audio | Great News Radio-Champaign, Illinois
    Enjoy the live broadcasts of WGNN & WGNJ. To listen, press quick-link buttons below, or copy and paste the text into your player. WGNN WGNJ If you have problems

    Streaming Audio - Winsystem
    Streaming Audio. Select the player that you would like to use to listen to the WINSYSTEM via the Internet . Windows Media Player (.asx) iTunes, Winamp, XMMS (.pls)

    Streaming Audio - Family Radio
    AAC is the highest quality stream available today. A 64kbps AAC stream is the same quality as a 128kbps MP3 stream (CD audio quality), but needs only half the ...

    Best Free Streaming Audio Recorders - Lifewire
    Using a free streaming audio recorder enables you to grab music from virtually any service that can be accessed via your Web browser.

    Audio Streaming Server and Software | Wowza
    Stream live and on-demand audio with Wowza software. Support for SHOUTcast/Icecast and audio protocols (AAC, AAC-LC, MP3, Speex, Opus). Free trial & pricing.

    About Icecast 2. Icecast is a streaming media (audio/video) server which currently supports Ogg (Vorbis and Theora), Opus, WebM and MP3 streams.

    Streaming Audio - KGLT
    LISTEN Live with iTUNES or the NEW KGLT Stream Player Please Note: Streaming audio will not work with Windows Media Player. You can download the New KGLT Stream ...

    Streaming Audio - KKFI
    KKFI offers several audio stream options of our live broadcast, one option is for users of Microsoft Windows computers, another option is for users of other computers ...

    Stream Download - Best Streaming Audio Recorder with High Quality
    Best Streaming Audio Recorder for you to stream download audio from more than 1000 online music resources for free easily. And it's 100% legal to use.

    Wireless & Streaming Audio - Newegg.com
    Shop Wireless & Streaming Audio at Newegg. We offer a large selection of high performance Wireless Speakers, Wireless Audio & Streaming Audio at low prices.

    How to record streaming audio - CNET
    CNET editors give step-by-step instructions on how to record audio being played over your computer's sound card.


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